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Armacell is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial foams and flexible insulation materials, based in Luxembourg. It has over 3,135 employees and 25 production plants in 17 countries.


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Estagiário says

"má oportunidade de crescimento."

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to succeed. No proper training. No true leaders in the company from plant managers to supervisors. All just looking who to fire next. Management doesn't have any social skills towards employees.Good people on the floor.Management has no leadership qualities."

Lead packer (Former Employee) says

"Not a place to work if your trying to move up in a company. Has a very high turn over rate due to pay and respect for people. No union so no job is secure..Production workersManagement"

Equipment Operator (Former Employee) says

"You will be doing level 3 work. But only get paid as a level 1 worker. They promise to move you up but nothing ever happens. 6 days a week every week. Highly don't recommend getting stuck in this trap."

Profile dept (Current Employee) says

"I was there in a temporary position. I did love the money I got paid. You never have time off to enjoy it though. When you work over you tell them a time you can work till . The manager will tell you we need you here 3 or 4 more hours on top of your 50 hour week. It's never good enough. It's very short staffed so you will have eight different jobs your responsible for. When you know you've done really well and moved a lot of product, you think you will get a great good or excellent keep up the good work. No you get criticized. They want more and more. Always criticism no praise. The time I was there, I don't know how anyone can work there under that kind of management on the floor. I don't want to forget this. If you are going through a temporary service, you will get the jobs that are the most stressful, strenuous, and the hard position. The company has been told several times if they could rotate positions. Cross train. So when someone is out , you will have a body to fill in that position. It makes a lot of sense. You have senior operators that want to do the same thing day in and day out. Plus if you are working for a temporary service, Do not get sick or be out. I saw several people get fired for being out 1 day. Just don't work there. They want you 7 days a week. If you don't have a family then this is the perfect job for youGood money good peoplePoor management, management is allowed to cuss and scream at you at anytime"

Prefer not to disclose (Former Employee) says

"If you want to be humiliated, insulted, harassed and threatened, then this is your place. The managers don’t have respect for anyone and like to fire just for the minimum things, even if you express an honest opinion. The engineers are rude and sabotage everyone to get things there way and if they don’t, they will cry and maybe even accuse you of harassment. And then they will stab you from the back!"

Compound Operator (Former Employee) says

"Management play games with people lives . that's why we clock in on your clock ! Race is an Issue .turn over is high . They don't train properly safety is not a priority."

sap specialist (Former Employee) says

"there too many managers and no organization and has a need for some structure along with learning Lean processing. and HR needs to be exactly what it is HR and not a warehouse manager. culture is being developed but this is something they are struggling with but in time it might be worth all the work that is done. if there is no work they send you home even if you need to work and pay your bills they send you home no questions asked. I would not be surprised if it is sold or closed down with in 1 year.dress codestress level, health enviroment, lack of cross training"

Extrusion Operator (Current Employee) says

"Management is horrible also they over work you with a lot of overtime in a week you’ll be working 72 hours. Coworkers call off causing you to cover the shift. Union is horrible worthless. Coworkers are lazy and to much favoritism with the older coworkers that be their longer. Management does not know any situation going on the floor. The equipment was old and outdated so be prepared to be a firefighter cause of fires caused and maintenance because maintenance do not repair the equipment only make worse. The only good benefit was the pay.Money was great $19 and upThey slave you like animals"

Maintenance (Current Employee) says

"Armacell has a reputation for bad management, lying to its employees and not following through with interview promises. They promote from within but according to a buddy system and the culture is the worst I have ever seen!Pay is great for the Alamance areaEverything else!"

Production Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Management fails to support their staff and does not enforce the companies policies and procedures fairly across all 3 shifts. All three shifts were ran completely different and it seemed when one shift was trying to improve they were degraded for making improvements or even wrongfully terminated.Short breaks, employees over worked, Management is very negative"

Forlift Operator (Former Employee) says

"They put to much work on a single person. They expect you to do the job of 2-3 persons by yourself. Coworkers are awesome, but managers suck at their jobs. They pay very low. $11-15 and raises are always talked about but they never come."

Production Technician (Current Employee) says

"Needs better management and better forklift drivers who doesn't horseplay and people needs to stop belittling people who work hard, pay is good but got to work like almost 200+ hours to get a decent paycheck"

Quality Control Technician / Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Dislike the place poor pay but hole every night did know when you are aloud to take your own vacation you earend got told when you was aloud to take vacationClose to homeCut hours back stressful poor management"

Worker (Current Employee) says

"Job is good but management should appreciate their workers. Expectations are high without recognition. Good people to work with but decisions are made with bad judgement."

Mill Operator (Current Employee) says

"12 hour shifts, 7am to 7pm, but swith every two months, mandatory. it is very hard to transition. I love working here, however the schedule is grueling and the swing shift is very lunchpermenant swing shift"

Plant Controller (Former Employee) says

"The plant was a very poor work environment for work. The plant was very hot and the workforce was very unmotivated. Upper management was very disconnected from the reality of the goals.salary, benefitshot work environment"

America's Purchasing Director (Current Employee) says

"The products are good and overall the management is good except they focused too much on just getting points to achieve internal projects and lack of customer focus.vacation time benfits paytoo many hours lack of support"

Bun Line Operator (Former Employee) says

"When I first started at Armacell I was excited to finally have a job that paid good enough for me to start a life. The pay and the benefits were great. The first 3 years were good, if you put in the hard work and took pride in your job your advancement and pay increased quickly. Then new management took over and started using cheaper chemicals and our products and customer satisfaction just kept slowly lowering. The company finally closed their South Holland plant in November of 18. I was there for almost seven years, and in that time it provided me the chance to buy house and have good insurance. These days that's pretty much all you can ask for.Good payPoor management and good employees got stuck with picking up slack for other employees."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Armacell is a fast paced place to work with great benefits and plenty of things to do. Growth has created gaps in processes that are being worked on to close. The top leader in the industry easy to talk to management if you can find them. They are in meeting all of the time.Good benfits, average pay for the hours workedlack of vision"

Sr Business Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"Armacell at one time was an excellent place to work, with internal promotions and focused on teamwork. Over the last few years, it took a drastic turn. Executive management made changes and the company started to spiral. The only growth was thru acquisitions and not organically. Their is not a clear cut business strategy promoted internally other than taking company public. The direction is not clearly statedEmployee Benefits are by far the greatest asset"